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CSR Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility - Sustainability

At present, CSR is a key aspect of corporate business and a great example of how global thinking is changing. With more people realizing that any long-term future has to be a sustainable one, LMC-Couplings has taken its usual pragmatic approach to the subject and found that there are solid practical benefits from a partnership approach to the high and mighty aspiration of building a sustainable global future.

Sustainable development is widely defined as Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is not something that can be achieved in isolation; it rather requires a holistic approach to meet the challenges of a broad range of issues, from generally investing in innovation to specific areas of improvement such as offering energy saving solutions, and providing high technology solutions.  The biggest contribution LMC-Couplings can make to ensure more effective use of our natural resources is through the customers’ use of products and services. Energy efficiency - with its large social,economic and environmental implications – is a benefit tied to many of LMC products, services and own operations.

LMC-Couplings has made significant steps during the past year by developing many new parts and components and environmental, energy and safety goals have been set enterprise-wide.

Did you know? 

       1.     LMC-Couplings uses 100% green electricity
       2.     Waste materials like wood, plastic, paper,
            metal are strictly recycled     
       3.     We are in a transition period to a greener CO2 
            vehicle fleet
       4.   Air business trips are compensated = off setting
       5.   The forklifts in our warehouses are electrically powered
       6.   Our main transport company TNT is strongly
             commited to a cleaner environment
             under the name Planet Me

Many important green steps towards a commited world.