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LMC-Couplings  attaches great importance to open communication and involves its employees at all levels in the formulation of objectives and strategy. Naturally, there is regular feedback concerning the current state of affairs and plans for the future.
Trust between employees is an important precondition. This is necessary to enable them to dare to ask questions, make mistakes (and learn from them) and hold each other to account regarding agreements that have been made. In this way, we create and maintain a positive working environment.


Our employees are the most important factor in the successful achievement of optimum performance. LMC-Couplings objective is to provide a modern infrastructure in which employees can achieve maximum performance in a pleasant working environment. LMC-Couplings is  ISO certified and works to clear guidelines and procedures. Our health, safety and working conditions meet the standard requirements.


In addition to recruiting well-qualified new employees, LMC-Couplings devotes much attention to the development of its existing employees. Specialization and professional training courses are  on the agenda.