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Product range

LMC-couplings offers their customers a large range of industrial hose couplings in compliance with European and international standards.


A: Quick couplings  

Cam & groove couplings

Guillemin couplings

DSP couplings

TW couplings

GK couplings 

Express couplings 

European air couplings 

Triclamp couplings

Cardan couplings

SAFLOCK couplings


B: Threaded couplings           

Screw hose couplings


Food couplings DIN 11851

Food couplings SMS 1145

Steam couplings EN 14423 / DIN 2826

DINBO steam couplings

Petrol hose couplings EN 14424

RMG screw hose couplings

ARMG screw hose couplings

C: Flange couplings                 

D: Clamps & ferrule

RK safety clamps

RKP safety clamps

FLEXOLINE® safety clamps

RKS steam clamps


MIRA band clamps


Swage ferrules

SS swage ferrules HRRL


NEW CHEMALINE 2000 COUPLINGS: Lining solutions