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Reach EG 1907/2006

LMC-Couplings supports the objective of REACH EG1907/2006, which is in accordance with our own commitment to ensure responsible production, use and handling of the products that we manufacture.

Registration has to be done for:

  1.         1.     Every chemical substance which is produced in or imported into the EU in quantities larger
                 than 1 ton/year and per producer/importer.
  2.          2.     Articles which contain more than 0.1% of the following substances if they are intentionally
                  released: carcinogenic and mutagenic substances or substances which are hazardous to
                  the reproduction of humans (category 1), substances with evidence from animal experiments
                  (category 2) and very bio-accumulative substances.

For our products there is no duty to communicate information. Where we act as a downstream user we are in contact with our suppliers on the progress made with their registration.