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Training center

The LMC-Couplings Training Center provides targeted educational programs to meet the needs of all employees involved in the business of hoses and couplings. Our training sessions, given by experienced product specialists, are focused on general product information, safe and right hose assembly and the latest standards, preparing your employees for the business of every day.

LMC wants to be a solution provider, more than just a product supplier. That’s why providing performance-based training on all our product’s features and functionality is so important. We want to make sure (y)our customers can take advantage of all the benefits our product offers. Besides, if your experience and knowledge in the products improves, your customers will notice it and this may lead to additional sales and increased market share.


Onsite Training

The LMC-Couplings Training Center also offers Onsite Training. Onsite training is an opportunity for your employees to receive education without costly travel expenses or loss of time in the office. Customizable onsite training offers more value, more control, more results. For detailed information about our Onsite training programs please contact us! (link op contact naar contactpagina)


Quote: "Our customers don’t need to know everything about our product. What they do need to know is how to use our product to full capacity in order to perform their jobs better—leading to gains in productivity, accuracy or other measurable business improvements.”